Monday, 25 July 2011

Shaken or Stirred?

If you've ever wondered which cocktails need to be shaken and which need to be stirred, here are some easy pointers that will answer that age old question!

Drinks that contain eggs, fruit juices or cream are shaken in order to freeze and break down the ingredients. The harder the shake, the colder the cocktail. Half fill your shaker with whole ice cubes, add your ingredients and shake briskly until the container feels cold to the touch. Strain and pour immediately for that perfect cloudy look.

Drinks made up of clear spirits only are stirred to retain the clarity. Use a long handled bar spoon and gently stir to both chill and mix the ingredients. The longer you stir the colder the cocktail will be and often the more diluted, as the ice mixes with the other ingredients. Strain and serve immediately. 

So why does James Bond prefer his martini shaken, not stirred? Personal preference? Or secret agent stubborness! It's certainly one way to make your bartender cringe!

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