Sunday, 9 October 2011

EZ Filter System

How does it perform and what makes it different to all other filters? Find out why this filter is the first choice for your distilling requirements.

The EZ Filter uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled alcohol. The cartridge eliminates the need to handle powdered or granulated carbon. The cartridge’s porous design allows the spirit to pass through and the unwanted flavours to be absorbed by the activated carbon.

FAQ: How long does the EZ Filter take to run?
On average the EZ Filter will take 4-6 hours for a run of a 9 litre batch, enabling plenty of time for another run if desired - although one run will be sufficient.
*NOTE: Time will vary depending on how tight the bottom nut is on the spindle. A firm tightness is sufficient.

FAQ: Isn’t slower better?
Not necessarily. The carbon block design with the carbon compacted to 0.1mm ensures all spirit comes into contact with the carbon, enabling the impurities to be efficiently removed. Other filters although slower, may not be of a design where all spirit comes into contact with the carbon, with time not being the key factor, the spirit exposure to the carbon giving the best possible result.

The EZ Filter is quick, efficient and easy to use and certainly takes the fuss out of filtering your spirit.

It’s the perfect product for both existing and new distillers.

Watch the EZ Filter video on YouTube


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